Theres Gonna Be Food en la Casa

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Mixed Media Assemblage on Canvas (acrylic, raw canvas, rice, cotton, screen printed fabric, cardboard, plastic wrap, glitter, artificial fur, aluminum foil, construction paper, embroidery thread)


48" x 60"


My work explores the daily experiences and history of Dominicans-Americans. In particular, the ones in my community of Washington Heights and larger diaspora.      I do this by documenting everyday moments left out of the media, keeping a visual archive of our marginalized history. Covering contemporary themes such as race, identity, and transnationalism through representation. Identifying key spaces and practices relevant to the Dominican people.      I navigate these themes by creating mixed media figurative assemblage pieces. By using raw materials, creates a sense of urgency in my imagery. No longer can the viewer overlook this community as they now share a space. Additionally, this mix of media also serves as an allegory for Dominican identity. This is due to the mix of African, Taino, and Spanish peoples.      Figures play vital roles as they show what people of Dominican descent and our lives look like. Rejecting colonial rhetoric, which emphasizes Eurocentric features.           Through my practice, I can answer ongoing questions I have about my heritage. What is our authentic culture? Nuestras experiencias sociales significativas? Transference? Quienes somos nosotros? As well as celebrating the culture, community, and people I’ve grown to love. A community that is the reason for who I am today.

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Bryan Fernandez

Bryan Fernandez

I am a first and second-generation Dominican American from Washington Heights. Additionally, I’ve lived in Dominican communities throughout the northeast. But I am always brought back to the heights in one way or another. Thus a majority of my history stems from this barrio in New York City that I call home. From moments such as my baptism, mi padre owning a restaurant to fulfill “the American dream” or now my graduation. (to name a few). As of May 2022, I graduated from the School Of Visual Arts with honors with a bachelor’s in fine arts. (with a concentration in creative writing). I still currently reside in Washington Heights.
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