Chautauqua Visual Arts Galleries

The mission of the CVA Galleries is a commitment to introduce our audience to artwork that is inclusive, inventive, and created by professional and emerging artists. We also focus on building strong relationships and conversations with collectors, art enthusiasts, curators and those new to contemporary art, resulting in a universal support of artists both financially and professionally. The CVA Galleries show a wide range of art from around the country, including museum quality exhibitions, regional members group exhibitions, and the CVA School of Art residency artists.

Chautauqua Visual Arts strives to be an incubator for some of the most talented working artists today, while encouraging others to discover their craft. As an extension of our exhibitions, we offer experiences for engagement with artists, critical dialogue, education, and consultation for collectors, as we share their stories through daily exchanges. Lectures, docent tours, class visits from the CVA School of Art, and interviews with artists and curators are also offered. The galleries are a place to educate and inspire our growing audience on the importance of appreciating and living with art, while exploring an artist’s vision and practice.

CVA Galleries Internships

In addition to our year round staff, CVA Galleries partners with several universities to provide paid summer internship opportunities within our galleries. Click HERE to read an interview with Erin Magnan, one of our 2022 Gallery Assistants from Ohio University.

Contact Us

For inquiries, comments, and acquisitions, please feel free to contact us any time. We welcome your input and conversation.
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