Chautauqua School of Art Facilities

Each participant of the Chautauqua School of Art receives his or her own partitioned studio space with 24-hour access. They also have 24-hour access to communal studios in painting, drawing, printmaking, ceramics and sculpture. Each student and emerging artist is required to work with two of the faculty of their choice and can sign up for as many one-on-one sessions as they wish.

Facilities at the School of Art include a digital media studio, a full printmaking studio, a large drawing room, sculpture facilities including welding equipment, a full ceramic facility and large outdoor areas to stretch out and make work.

Details of our Facilities

Studio spaces are, on average, between 50 and 100 square feet and come with tables, chairs and wall space. The studios are cubicles that are open, with walls that separate each individual studio. Our large drawing room is 750 square feet. We have ample room outside to build, perform and experiment.

The ceramics studio includes tables for hand-building, an extruder, numerous wheels, five kilns (gas, electric, salt fire, Raku set-up) and a glazing room with a range of glazes. You do not need to bring your own clay, it is available for purchase on site.

Our printmaking studio has several presses and facilities for block printing, monoprints, etching, aquatint and dry point techniques. Our printmaking facility offers:

  • Two Ettan Printmaking Presses (24×40” bed)
  • Felts and blankets
  • Hot plate for hardground
  • Two large acid trays
  • One large paper tray
  • Stools (approximately 12–15)
  • Two large work tables
  • Bench hooks
  • Rulers, mixing knives and files
  • 40–50 wood cut tools
  • Etching tools and zinc plates
  • Approximately 12 assorted tools for etching
  • 12–15 plates 3×5” and 6×8”
  • Rags, jars and other miscellaneous materials

Techniques our print shop can accommodate include:

  • Dry point (on zinc or copper plates)
  • Relief printing (wood, lino)
  • Monoprinting and collagraph
  • Other experimental planographic processes

There is a silkscreen shop in the digital media studio if there is interest in screenprinting.

There is a darkroom with a flat bed exposure table (approx. 60×40”) adjacent to the silkscreen shop.

We have eight screens in the silkscreen shop which will be used on a first-come basis. If you have something specific that you are working on and the screens are already exposed, it is recommended that you bring them. There is a blowout station and a printer for transparencies.

Our digital media studio offers:

In addition, we have software including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Premiere, and there is Wi-Fi in the digital media lab and throughout CVA. 

We are happy to try to accommodate your needs so you can be as creative as possible.

Contact Us

For inquiries, comments and acquisitions, please feel free to contact us anytime. We welcome your input and conversation.
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