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About the Six-Week Residency

June 21–August 3, 2024
Deadline to Apply: March 1, 2024

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The Program

The Chautauqua School of Art Residency program is a space for emerging artists committed to their studio practice, craving the time and space to work. At its core, the residency is studio-driven, and the program supplements this emphasis with classes, studio visits, and lectures.

The six-week school residency hybrid is characterized by dedicated faculty whose primary focus is to nurture artistic growth throughout the entirety of the summer. through classes and studio visits. They contribute their experience to the program, providing immersive instruction and collaboration with residents.

Each resident receives their own studio space where they will spend much of their time developing their work. Residents have the opportunity to sign up for studio visits with faculty to provide one-on-one feedback.

In addition to their own studio space, each resident has access to the facilities at the School of Art. These facilities include a ceramic center, printmaking studio, silkscreen shop, drawing studio, digital media studio, woodshop, outdoor sculpture pad, and plenty of outdoor space to make or perform.

Artists are also encouraged to explore the intellectual and artistic resources available at Chautauqua Institution, which include engaging lectures by accomplished writers, historians, and influential thought leaders, as well as a variety of captivating performances in theater, music, and dance.



Lectures & Events

Chautauqua Institution programming

Working with Faculty & Visiting Artists

Each artist-in-residence works with faculty, 3–4 hours a week, in group sessions. Faculty teach and share out of their own practices. Artists will also have the option to sign up for one-on-one studio visits with any of our lead faculty and visiting artists. 

As our program emphasizes community, we ask participants to be a part of group conversations, lectures, pop-up talks, and meetings. This is a rare and unique opportunity to share and develop your work with contemporary thought-leaders. In addition to working with exceptional faculty, our residency offers access to Chautauqua Institution’s incredible programming, including lectures, events, and more. 

See our Faculty & Visiting Artists.

See our Lectures & Events.

See CHQ Institution’s programming.

  • FAQ

    What is included in my acceptance to the program? 
    In addition to your studio, access to faculty, and programming, room and board will be provided. Art supplies are not included.  

    Am I eligible to apply to the Chautauqua School of Art residency program?
    Applicants must be 21 years of age or older to be eligible to apply and interested in a studio-intensive experience. You do not need to have a BFA or MFA to apply. 

    What are the requirements to apply?
    See our application requirements here. Please go to Slideroom to learn more about our application requirements and submit an application.

    What are the requirements of the residency program?
    We want residents to embrace this unique opportunity to connect with a community of artists and challenge their work and ideas. We have found this is best done through being present. Accepted resident artists must commit to be present for the full session and participate in the school’s culture. This means engaging with faculty, attending Chautauqua Visual Arts programming, and being responsive to the artists at Chautauqua. 

    How is this program different from other residency programs?
    We offer a unique experience to work within the visual arts and access to thought leaders across disciplines. At Chautauqua, you will work with incredible art faculty and also be able to learn from historians and anthropologists. You have access to performances by world-renowned musicians and dances. We are interested in working with artists who want to learn from others and contribute to our community.

    Why is there a gate and a gate pass required to enter?
    Because there are many programs, performances, and lectures that occur every day at the Institution, there is a fee to enter on the grounds. However, our residency program includes the cost of this gate pass in the tuition.

    I just want to make work in isolation. Can I do that at Chautauqua?
    If you want to be completely isolated, this residency isn’t for you. We recommend artists apply who are community-minded, open, and want to share. 

    Will I have any time to actually work in my studio?
    Yes! You have 24/7 access to your studio and our facilities.

    Can I bring my family to Chautauqua?
    Yes, however, your family must secure their own room/housing and purchase a gate pass to attend any Institution programming. 

    What happens after I attend the School of Art residency program?
    We continue to stay in touch as much as possible and give as many opportunities as we can to our alums including returning to the CVA to learn to teach (especially for those who haven’t had such opportunities) or work with us in our galleries as we are an incubator for growth and learning; share their work on our website, exhibition opportunities, events, share Alumni news, make connections and more. We believe in long-term relationships with our alumni and welcome them back to visit.

    I have some questions that were not answered here. May I talk with someone with my specific questions?
    Of course! We welcome your questions! Please send your questions to

  • Collaborations

    CVA encourages collaborations between different fields, schools, artists and disciplines. We encourage collaborative projects and experimentation. We have also developed partnerships with schools and museums to bring a diverse and talented population of students and emerging artists to the School of Art.

  • Housing

    Chautauqua Institution provides residence hall lodging for approximately 300 full-time students and artists enrolled in the art, music, dance, and theater programs, as well as visitors of Chautauqua via our CHQ on a Budget Program during Weeks 1-2 and 8-9. Our dormitories are all in a central location, just a short walk from the School of Art, Dance, and Music facilities. Bellinger Hall, made up of two buildings (North and South), is the largest dormitory and the location of the dining hall, where all dormitory residents receive meals, regardless of where they are housed. Students are housed together based on their age, gender and program. Chautauqua Visual Arts residents reside in Bellinger Hall. Dorm rooms are mainly all double occupancy, with a few triple occupancies. Each room includes a bed, desk and closet for each student, and each room shares a bathroom with one other room. Chautauqua employs a full-time, experienced Residence Staff of Resident Assistants (RA’s) that manage the student residential experience from move-in to check-out. Several of our RA’s are former students who love giving back to the current student experience. There is always an RA on duty 24 hours a day, available inperson or by a call or text to the RA Duty phone. Additionally, a full-time Registered Nurse resides in Bellinger Hall for first aid and holds regular office hours.

  • Tuition and Other Fees

    Housing Costs
    Residence Hall $660
    Security Deposit $100 (refundable)

    Meal Plan
    All meals (7 days a week) $1,800

    Instructional Costs
    Includes full instruction costs, fitness center membership, registration fee, and gate pass to attend all events for free (except opera and theater).
    Studio Fee: $150

    Art Residency: $3,155

    TOTAL: $5,615

    We are dedicated to supporting artists and want to ensure that artists who have been accepted can attend regardless of their financial status.  A large percentage of our residents receive significant financial aid to attend.

  • Scholarships & Funding

    Full and partial scholarships are available for resident artists. Recipients must fulfill certain work obligations for a set number of hours a week. Failure to do so may result in dismissal from the program without a refund. Those who receive full financial assistance are required to contribute the full 10 hours per week. 

    Participants who receive financial aid from external organizations, schools, or institutions are expected to share their experiences with the contributing institution. 

  • Arriving to Chautauqua

    Chautauqua Institution is located in the southwestern corner of New York State.

    If you choose to fly to Chautauqua, the closest airports are the Buffalo Niagara International Airport (70 miles northeast) and Erie International Airport (40 miles west). Getting to Chautauqua by train is another option. There are Amtrak Train Stations in both Buffalo, NY (77 miles northeast) and Erie, PA (38 miles west).

    From both train stations and airports, you will still need to travel the rest of the way to Chautauqua by car or bus. Bus service includes Coach USA (Buffalo to Jamestown 716-665-3076), and Chautauqua Area Rural Transit (Chautauqua County; 1-800-556-8553 in Dunkirk).

    Chautauqua Institution’s address is:

    1 Ames Ave
    Chautauqua, NY 14722

    For questions or information on housing and transportation, please contact: Sarah Malinoski-Umberger. Manager, Chautauqua Schools of Performing and Visual Arts. 716-357-6233

  • Getting Around Chautauqua

    Chautauqua is primarily a pedestrian community with very narrow streets. The Institution provides regularly scheduled complimentary shuttle bus and tram service in the Main Lot and on the grounds during the season. The School of Art can offer a golf cart for occasional transportation around the grounds and for large items or artwork that need to be transported at any point. Many people enjoy biking around the grounds, and we can provide a limited number of communal bikes for our artists to enjoy.

    Chautauqua Institution Map of Grounds

    Transportation outside the Institution grounds is limited. If you have a car, you are more than welcome to bring it and we will provide you with a complimentary parking pass. We can provide transportation on occasion if you need to do some shopping outside of the grounds. Items may also be shipped to Chautauqua.* Paper is available for purchase for any printmaking needs.

    Nearby Art Supply Stores:

    *Mailing address is different than Chautauqua Institution’s address

  • Dining

    Resident artists receive a meal plan that covers various dietary options in cafeteria-style dining. In addition, there are other restaurants located on the Institution grounds. You can also get freshly cooked meals, fruits, vegetables, bread and other farm fresh items at the Bestor Fresh Market (Tuesdays, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.) and the Farmer’s Market on Massey (Mondays through Saturdays, 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.).  

    We have a Communal Fridge available in the Great Room (in the Art Quad) for our artists-in-residence to share. The Great Room is also stocked with complimentary snacks, coffee and tea. 

Contact Us

For inquiries, comments and acquisitions, please feel free to contact us anytime. We welcome your input and conversation.
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