Audrey Kay Dowling

I was raised in Western New York in the country with the woods, fields and creeks on fifty acres of cradling and nurturing land that instructed me in the ways and rhythms of the natural world. Those same woods, hills, fields, and creeks flow through my mind along with beautiful singing birds and flowers of all kinds. When I was fourteen, my parents made a major job change and I moved with them to New York City for summers and school vacations. During this time, I acquainted myself with city life in the sixties by riding the subway daily to discover the art scene and all the excitement it had to offer. A few years later, I headed up the Hudson River and earned my art education degree from SUNY New Paltz. During the next thirty years, I got married and taught school. My husband and I built our own cabin during a “back to the land” hippie moment. Eventually, we left our cabin. We established, and still run, Portage Hill Art Gallery.

My block printing series contain many layers. I love using memories as well as actual subjects to draw and paint to enhance my prints. Line, color, texture, movement and form are embedded in my work. I also work in clay, using the same nature subject matter and elements of art. Diversity intrigues me and ideas are ever flowing. As I make a new work it leads me to other choices and ways to explore my message of the peace found in nature. My goal is to encourage others to appreciate nature’s beauty. My work has received many awards and I have been very blessed to have it accepted into regional, national and international competitions.  My collectors live all over and  their encouragement keeps me going into my studio spaces to create and share.

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