Swimming Upstream

No Longer Available


Block print and acrylic painting


11.5 x 15" (unframed), 19 x 23" (framed)




My mixed media block printed works are my way of using multiple art mediums to help me express the way that I feel every time I am out in nature. I get excited by new materials, exploring new places, looking carefully at things to find nuances of color, textures, unusual combinations, and the endless visual variation of life created by water, rocks, woods, fields, streams, mountains, fish, birds, and people. I use these moments of image gathering to take back to include in my work. "Swimming Upstream" was created during the masked Covid confinement. In many ways, at this time, humans were all swimming upstream. But in nature things continued to go forward as usual, including the improbable late winter annual fish run up the creeks. That displayed resilience that gave me hope.

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Audrey Kay Dowling

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