We Are Shadows

No Longer Available




Acrylic, watercolor, tattoo pigment, color pencil


22" x 30"


Liquid queerness. Blending in & out of environments to feel safe, welcomed, understood, or free.   Is there a difference between standing for something and standing with it?   I want you to look at yourself in this moment; do you feel safe, welcomed, understood, or free? Or are you just a shadow? 

About this Artist

Jess Scutella

Jess Scutella, a non-binary tattooist and artist, from Pittsburgh, Penna shares memories and their distortions through mix media. They love a story. They love a dance. The rhythm is what provides the energy to dig through their emotions.  Tattooing allows for a conversation between both artist and client, forming a single piece to fit the recipient’s form. After ten years in the collaborative work of tattooing, Jess has found extreme joy and freedom in sharing their own thoughts unfettered by other inputs—yet still basking in inspiration from the world around them.  They hope to express the freedom of queerness and the power of conversation in their work.
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