Twice Gold

No Longer Available




oil, joint compound, cold wax on panel


24" x 18" x 2"


While making this collection of paintings, I was ruminating on the symmetry found in urban and natural reflections: Urban reflections being like those on shiny buildings, windows, and rainy concrete, and natural reflections being like the sky on wet sandy tides and the ocean’s surface, and like the trees and hills on still bodies of water. I’ve been hypothesizing how the symmetry or almost-symmetry that exists all around us actually aids in us feeling grounded and safe, and with these paintings I play with similar symmetry to find that equilibrium.  

About this Artist

Arielle Zamora

Arielle Zamora they/them (b. 1990) is a Portland, Oregon-based painter and printmaker. Their painting practice features layers of paint and joint compound as an exploration of line and form. These mathematically informed, cand-carved patterns contrast with softer elements like subtle color and chance imperfections in their ground to create unexpectedly tender ruminations on shape. They are intensely drawn to relationships between line and form, and they draw inspiration from architecture and its surroundings to help assign structure, repetition, and function to the two-dimensional plane. Recently they have been paying more attention to how repetition and symmetry affect our feelings of belonging and safety within a world full of noise, loss, and uncertainty.  
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