Throw Pillow Piles

No Longer Available




found and discarded materials with silicone caulk


19x9x7" and 15x15x5"


I seek to pay better attention. Through my work and relationship to images and materials I endeavor to increase empathy and negotiate objective and subjective experiences. Currently, my practice is tied to collecting, documenting and repurposing found or discarded materials. I take long walks to collect, photograph, seek and find. In the studio I mash together found, scavenged, and discarded materials with printing, drawing, collaging, building, and arranging. Through this unfiltered approach to making, there is no room for material hierarchy. With these site-responsive arrangements of image, collage, and object, I seek to elicit notions of fantasy and decay - an acknowledgement of the fundamental laws of nature and (artificial material) culture. For me, rescuing, transforming, and reconstituting detritus imports some level of spiritual power upon inert objects and materials. While composing, I am always responding; I listen to what the pre-existing materials are saying or asking. While arranging, I treat the planes of a space like the bed of a printmaking press - a platform for collage, composition, and layering. The reveal is always a surprise. I am investigating intimacy, human connection, and of course, love. The work is beginning to pulse with musings on my own interpersonal relationships. Engaging, manipulating, and rearranging materials serves as an analog for navigating those relationships - a collection of iterations and a surrender to the acting agents or materials. Responding to these inanimate materials is listening. Listening is how I love.

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Sara Hess

Sara Hess

Sara Hess (b. Augusta, Ga, 1996) is an artist living and working in Columbus, Ohio. Sara holds a BFA in Studio Art from the University of Georgia’s Lamar Dodd School of Art where she studied painting and printmaking. She is currently an MFA candidate and Graduate Fellow at The Ohio State University. Her studio practice utilizes found objects, printmaking, photography, painting, collage, sculpture, and installation. Sara has exhibited her work regionally and nationally, most recently at ATHICA in Athens, Georgia,  Stove Works in Chattanooga, Tennessee and IPCNY (International Print Center New York) in Manhattan, New York.
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