The Way Back

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Click HERE to view full video. The way back is an experimental video exploring the influence of external and internal guiding factors. In this short video, the main character is followed on a journey of emotions toward an unresolved end.An unidentified antagonist disturbs the character’s reality shifting her into a state from which she must recover. On her path to healing the woman encounters a friend and simultaneous confidant who acts as an advisor, offering encouragement and support for the journeyer’s ability to confront her challenges.The main character eventually asserts the responsibility of claiming liberation from her newly placed entrapment. Through a series of independent activities she is able to identify herself as a heroine. However when met with the same temptation, it becomes unclear whether or not taking fate into her own hands is actually in her best interests.This video was created under the mentorship of Kalup Linzy and is influenced by the intimate stories of trial and triumph that were exchanged between peers in conversations he facilitated during workshops held at the Chautauqua School of Visual Arts this summer. My script was also inspired by Kalup Linzy’s film series of Ozara and Katessa.The characters acted out in my video are infused with cultural traits that reference my personal identity. These elements are found in the incorporation of culturally - specific hairstyles, styles of dress, behaviors, and language.

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