Retracing My Steps

No Longer Available


Acrylic and charcoal on canvas


10" x 10" framed




I have a BA in Art History. The work I accomplished in college studio art classes soon gave way to pursuing a career leading small museums. I returned to painting in January 2021 after a decades-long hiatus with the realization that there’s no time like the present to experiment, learn, and grow by making art. This was a goal of mine for several years, but it took a global pandemic to bring it to reality. My renewed journey has reignited my love of color, composition and texture, using the enduring lure of the landscape as my focus. I am exploring my relationship to the natural world – a world in peril due to climate change and one that will be forever changed before my lifetime is over. That said, painting is joyful work for me – challenging, serendipitous, yet purposeful work – and I relish what I can capture.

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