Into the Blue: Reflection Photographs ShowIng the Whole of Reality

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digital images in mp4 video format on USB.3 flash drive for wide screen TV


12.3 Minutes



The video “Into the Blue:” is foremost about a new emerging art form— reflective photography—a non-photo-shopped way of seeing simultaneously the harmonious and often entangled interactions of our physical reality with the fleeting, elusive world of reflections.  Jeffrey Vreeland, the photographer; a graduate of Pratt Institute School of Architecture (“66) and SUNY- Purchase School of Fine Arts (93) thinks of these images as a new way of experiencing the whole of reality; allowing the complexity of the interweaving of the real and the reflected to hold the viewers’ involvement—verses an otherwise reflection-less, static photograph.  This video’s small compilation of images explores the vastness of color of blue as it reflects off shiny surfaces—water, wet sand, glass, metal. It represents Jeff’s ongoing attempts to first, as an oil painter and more recently as a photographer, to capture the dynamic interactions—often unnoticed—between blue and its environs.

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