Hand-painted linen shirt

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linen, fabric paint


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As an artist, I'm inspired by the order and chaos of natural processes. I aim to create the kind of untamed, yet cohesive beauty found in nature. When paints and dyes meet fabric, I allow the unexpected to inform the original idea, while keeping in mind the human form that the clothing is meant to celebrate. I seek to give a vibratory quality to the hand-painted patterns, imparting energy to the wearer without being overwhelming. I work with a variety of fabrics, using a range of techniques that involve brushing, flinging, splattering, twisting, dipping and dripping. The result is clothing that bears the uniquely expressive mark of the artist's hand while allowing the wearer to shine through. Sometimes people instinctively find what works for them and sometimes we collaborate, discussing proportion, pattern, line, color and fit. The most rewarding part of the process is seeing people who look and feel wonderful in the clothing because a harmonious match has been found. 

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Cynthia Norton

As a child growing up in Chautauqua, I wanted to be a dancer and a clothing designer.  Then I noticed that the world was troubled and thought I should figure out what it most needed and do that.  Art didn’t seem to be the answer.  So I had a conflict.  Then I heard “Beauty is truth and truth beauty…”  After much reflection I found deep meaning in that perspective, and went to art school, graduating in 1969 from the San Francisco Art Institute, earning a BFA with a major in sculpture.  For the next many years between then and now I have had a variety of businesses centering around artistic expression.  In 1992 while living in New York City, I started Cynthia Norton Designs, designing and producing hand-painted clothing for high-end stores and sophisticated private customers.  Now once again living year-round in Chautauqua, with a studio in my home, I…
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