Glacier Lake Slice

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10" x 12"




My work expresses control through letting go. The ocean cannot be controlled. When I learned to surf and stand-up paddle, I struggled. It wasn't until I let go of trying to control every element of the process, that I was able to be a part of the moving water. Wave of Possibility explores what it is like to just move with the wave and go with the flow.  The slice series explores capturing ever-moving water in a moment of time and the synergy of what is happening above and below the surface. When I first visited Glacier Lake in Montana, I was captivated by the immense strength of the stone of the mountains, descending to the moving water in the lake. I wanted to capture this "still" strength and movement in a slice of time. 

About this Artist

Tracy McCarty

I work in watercolor and acrylic paint, letting water create the movement and expression of the piece – trying not to control the process. In my work, water is in control, moving the paint to reflect moments of healing, resilience, and freedom through nature. Oceans, lakes, mountains, forests, plants and animals are my muse. Nature has a healing element and cannot be controlled. My personal fallback for healing has always been nature – diving into a lake, riding ocean waves, sitting on the beach, hiking through the forest, horseback riding, gardening – anything in and with nature. I have drawn and painted since I was young, but life got in the way of being an artist until adulthood. I started my career as a nurse. In college, I wanted to double major – nursing and studio art. Two majors, too much to manage, and control. I became a nurse and…
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