Climate Change ThinkingCap

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acrylic paint, photo-montage and 3D mixed-media on a straw, Chinese farmer's hat


7" x 17" diameter


This Climate Change ThinkingCap (2019) was created to teach myself about the impacts of climate change. Through reading articles in online newspapers and magazines, I selected data and images that touched me the most about wildfires, flooding, melting polar ice caps/rising ocean waters, and harmful algal blooms. Then came the part I enjoyed the most -- finding ways to craft miniature 3D objects to add to the hat brim in order to evoke more life-like, visceral feelings by using: water-color on discarded Styrofoam crating pieces to simulate the transparent blue of icebergs; plasticized blue tarp material over triangulated cardboard shapes to reference the tarps covering leaking rooftops; a long, miniature tree limb fabricated from rolled-up, painted paper form to add a raised surface for a printed sentence about the human health consequences of “black carbon” from wildfires. My hope is to stimulate people’s curiosity to learn about, discuss, and take action on climate change. We all have the ability to envision and use our power to create a more healthy, equitable, and sustainable world.

About this Artist

Cynthia Pannucci

Cynthia Pannucci

Cynthia’s formal training was in printmaking and art history, and she was awarded an NEA (National Endowment for the Arts) Visual Arts Fellowship in Crafts, taught at the FIT (Fashion Institute/NYC), and her work has been included in museum group exhibitions including at the Cooper-Hewitt Museum/NYC, while garnering commissions from other museums and the Metropolitan Transit Authority/NYC, as well as private and corporate clients like Citicorp’s headquarters in Delaware. And for 30-years, she was the founder-director of the NYC nonprofit Art & Science Collaborations, Inc. (ASCI). Now, returning to her artist roots, Cynthia’s artwork is born out of deep concern about the type of world young people are inheriting because of the ravages of climate change. She is up-cycling her past “maker” techniques and styles to create public engagement projects that address the social and cultural challenges of our rapidly warming planet. Some of these challenges include climate anxiety…
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