Catt Rez Beaders

Catt Rez Beaders artists: Mary Jacobs, Samantha Jacobs, Alana Jimerson, Sydney John, Richard Kettle, Julie Lay, Robin Seneca, Lori Seneca, Kim Mohawk, Brianna Gonzales, and Mary Gates. The Catt Rez Beaders are a group of bead workers who are interested in creating contemporary and traditional beadwork or the Haudenosaunee. The group is comprised of males and females, from teenagers to elders, with most residing on the Cattaraugus Indian Reservation, in Irving, New York. The group has been in existence for over 10 years and is constantly encouraging new members to join. The group strives to explore and research antique bead work pieces and revive the techniques with contemporary creations. The Catt Rez Beaders meet weekly at the Stanley Huff Heritage Center, in Irving, New York, and is led by Mary and Samantha Jacobs, a mother and daughter team. The leaders encourage the members to try their best, as beading may not be for everyone, and always share or teach what they have learned. 

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