Nate Lucas

Nate Lucas, born in Ebensburg, Pa, was reared in the woods in the streams off Western Pennsylvania – here her would root his relationship with his muse, finding inspiration in the meditative patterns of his natural surroundings. After studying fundamentals and classical technique at the Columbus School of Art and Design, Nate went off to spend the bulk of his career moving around the country gaining experience as a woodworker on various high-end projects from custom residential interiors to church restorations, honing his craft and finding balance between art and function. His artworks exist in its current form as both sculpture and abstract painting executed on reclaim natural wood slabs, drawing inspiration from the often-overlooked beauty off pattern in both natural and manmade experience. He desired to create objects that give the viewer some sense of the awe found in viewing a brilliantly colored patch or lichen, stones on a riverbank,, or a crack in sidewalk. 

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