Lynn Kim

Lynn Kim is a Korean American filmmaker and educator who uses live-action and animation techniques to create short films that explore the social conditions and realities of the human body. She is particularly interested in how questions around gender, race, health and sexuality can be explored through metaphorical and abstract means, and her work is often centered in her own body and lived experiences. Her films pull from the fields of biology, poetry, and anthropology to draw connections and metaphorical relationships that question how we navigate the world, with a specific interest in utilizing film as a form of social critique and reflection. She has produced essays, poetry, choreographed movements, and hand drawn animations for her films, and is driven by a desire to create a cinematic experience that is intimate, immersive and sensorial. In the past, her work has materialized in single-channel, multi-channel, and installation formats and shifts through cinematic modes and genres as needed to communicate and connect with viewers. She has had the fortune of exhibiting and competing in international festivals and shows including: The Ottawa International Animation Festival, the Baryshnikov Arts Center, The Margulies Collection, Rooftop Films and the Melbourne International Animation Festival.

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