Lara Mann

Lara Mann, b.1989 Chicago, IL, grew up in the north suburbs of the city of Chicago where she was fortunate enough to explore many variations on her artistic practice beginning early on in her life. Lara moved to Pittsburgh to attend Carnegie Mellon and earn her Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2011. She then returned to Chicago to pursue a career in the art world, where she worked for many institutions including the legendary Ann Nathan Gallery as well as the international art fair, EXPO, Chicago. When she’s not in the studio, you can find her hiking or trying new vegetarian recipes. She currently lives in Longmont, Colorado and has a studio in North Boulder. She shares her home with partner Paul Kenneth and their two cats. Mann has had work included in several exhibitions across the United States, most recently at Manifest Gallery in Ohio, The Strathmore in Maryland, and Art Saint Louis in Missouri. 

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