Katherine Toukhy

Katherine Toukhy lives and works in Flatbush, Brooklyn. In the studio, she transforms figurative shapes into pieces for mixed media, animation, and public art. She recently exhibited at the Bronx Museum’s Biennial, “Bronx Calling.” In 2021, she completed a public mural for an African Burial Ground in Brooklyn with support from the City Artist Corps and had a solo show, “Breathing Through the Cracks of the Impossible Machine,” at Trestle Gallery (Brooklyn). She has worked with support from The Foundation for Contemporary Arts, BRIC, The Laundromat Project, The Rema Hort Mann Foundation, Brooklyn Arts Council, and The Project for Empty Space, among others. She works in the studio and in different communities and has been an arts educator with a focus on underrepresented voices for over a decade in NYC. Her roots, as part of a small Coptic Egyptian diaspora, inform who she is and how she works.

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