Daniel Sharp

Daniel Sharp (b. 1994, Grand Rapids, Michigan) is an artist, musician, and interdisciplinary organizer. The majority of their work deals with systems of capital, public space, techno, and suburbia. His music practice via the moniker Endash explores loss, landscape, memory, and science fiction. Sharp has self-released three EPs and a full length record. His visual and music work has been seen at Basilica Soundscape, Hudson; GOODNEWS, Brooklyn; The Works, Detroit; Bossa Nova Civic Club, Brooklyn; The Lot Radio, Brooklyn; the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor; FoolMoon, Ann Arbor; WCBN, Ann Arbor; WNYU, New York; and Magick City, Brooklyn.

During the day, Daniel Sharp is the Managing Director of DSCS, a community strategy consultancy that builds sustainable relationships and financial systems for underserved artists and institutions. Sharp is also the founder and co-curator of Moods, a community-curated mixtape series of music outside of techno. Previously, Sharp was the Arts Outreach Lead at Kickstarter, helping over 500 artists and institutions collectively raise $4.5 million dollars for art projects that tell overlooked histories to the public. Sharp founded D/ART, a durational public art collective, and was a former member of Groove, an experimental percussion group. She additionaly ran the Michigan Electronic Music Collective (MEMCO), a 75+ member techno collective based in southeast Michigan that teaches people how to DJ on CDJs and books their first gigs. They have additionally worked at and interned with the Whitney Museum, Salt & Cedar, Cina Associates, and Liaison Artists.

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