Yellow Smokestack

No Longer Available


Oil on canvas


24” x 18” (27” x 21” framed)




The focus of my art is observation and representation of geometry, color, and the play of light in the built environment. Subjects include rural, industrial, and urban structures that provide the stage set and backgrounds for the daily play of living in the world. For many, the pandemic of early 2020 limited access to the outside, and cleared the stage of players, emptying streets, parks, and highways. One way back to normal (or ahead to a post-pandemic new normal) included an acknowledgment that “normal” was within visual grasp. Current work utilizing elements of the Chicago skyline includes a commercial building - light playing across the geometric forms of brick, metal, and wood. Another, capturing the detail of Mies van der Rohe’s Illinois Institute of Technology with its regular geometry and uniform colors, represents stability, familiarity, endurance, and resilience.

About this Artist

Jeff Drake

Philadelphia College of Art 1974-76, Syracuse University College of Visual & Performing Arts 1976-79, Bachelor of Industrial Design 1979. My art is about observation and interpretation of the built environment. I focus on decaying, peeling, structures, and infrastructure around us. My eye is drawn to combinations of pattern, texture, color, and lighting that I find worth capturing and replicating. I’ve collected these types of images for decades and bring them to life in three-dimensional reliefs, oil and acrylic paintings. My purpose is to draw viewer’s eyes to the visual appeal I find in these images that they might miss when in sight but can discover in the context of art. Member: Chautauqua Visual Arts (CVA) and Copley Society of Art.
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