Where Do You Begin and I End?

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Acrylic and archival digital prints on canvas


25" x 58"


Taking photos of performances and collaging them in paintings, I’m asking about physical and psychological space. Where are the boundaries of our own bodies and the connections we make with others? How far do they stretch? In this piece I’m using the image of outer space as a metaphor for the energetic space that we create and hold as people. My work asks a series of questions about how we as people occupy space and communicate within that space. My work uses images that appear to be portals, voids, and apertures to ask questions about seeing and being seen in space. When we embody ourselves more fully, I would argue that we are living more physically in our truths.

About this Artist

H. Gene Thompson

H. Gene Thompson

H. Gene Thompson is a queer, non-binary artist born in 1989 in Pittsburgh, PA and based in New Orleans, LA. They have been touring their work and collaborating with community organizations and artist residencies across the country since 2012. Thompson has worked professionally as a performer, muralist, public artist, printmaker, illustrator, and painter. Their current interdisciplinary artistic process involves using somatic and embodied practices, community organizing, and movement workshops. Thompson creates and directs inclusive public art events that connect people and seek to heal by confronting the trauma held in our bodies. Thompson is a grateful recipient of residencies at The Spectacular House Digital Gallery, Sulfur Studios (Savannah, GA), Pittsburgh Office of Public Art/Bike Pittsburgh, The New Hazlett Theater (Pittsburgh, PA), The Pittsburgh Children’s Museum, Laboratory (Spokane, WA), The Kelly-Strayhorn Theater (Pittsburgh), Charles Adams Studio Project (Lubbock, TX), Art In Odd Places (Orlando, FL), AS220 (Providence, RI), and Future Tenant…
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