Warp the Fairytale

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360 Video Still - Print on Metal


24" x 36"




WARP THE FAIRYTALE: FREEZE THE GAZE Nature offers me a way to tap into my resilience. Disconnection happens too easily. I look for beauty in simple materials and experiences to reconnect, holding things sacred. I have been using a 360 camera to capture images that convey a simultaneous sense of distortion and harmony, beauty and apparition. The distortion of the image allows me to play with light, image, and color. The forest is a relief to walk in, but it is a haunted beauty knowing millions of climate change deniers like my mother threaten it along with my children’s survival. During the isolation and unpredictability of the pandemic, the wildness of nature has been a vital connection.

About this Artist

Kimberlee Koym-Murteira

Using water, video, and mason jars, Kimberlee creates studies of embodiment.  From small sculptures to large scale video projection machines she uses light, water, and movement to reflect people and energy.  They mark intersections with technology and the everyday, somatic resonance and connections between the virtual and physical; pathways between the environment and people.  Kimberlee grew up in San Antonio,Texas and has happily called Northern California home for most of the last 20 years. She earned her MFA from Mills College, Oakland, CA and MA in Scenography from Central St. Martins, London. She teaches new media art at Diablo Valley College and California College for the Arts. In Northern California, she has shown her work at the Museums of Sonoma, Kala Art Institute, Jen Tough Gallery, Shoebox PR, Gearbox Gallery, the Zero 1 Bienniale, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Mission 17, Sonoma State University, Invisible Venue, and The Lab. …
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