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Risograph and ink


11" x 17"




Through their actions, and attitudes, the creatures in my drawings speak for me. They feel out how to be. Where I am now, I can’t always say and do things I want for my own safety. So, the creatures say the things I can’t through their flexibility of being in a safe space. They don’t even begin to worry about gender. The good and the bad coexist in the drawn space and they are just living their lives.   The creatures that I depict I believe have been morphing with, and growing with me since I was a kid and I began to make them in clay and pencil. They appear and disappear like people in your life except they may contain pieces of me. Creating them helps me grow, I talk to them and debate about intrusive thoughts and artistic choices. Their voices change. Lately the voice they seem to be speaking back to me in is one of reassurance.   This piece is a small slice of ho the creatures react and interact with one another. I tend to over explain my drawings and things get lost in translation. This drawing started as an exploration of interaction between creatures. It didn’t end as that. It ended in a place, I’m happy to say, of nothingness. Not intentionally, just naturally. Thank the multiverse.

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