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15" x 17" x 10"


My work is focused on the search of life’s principles and their structures which are found in the common denominators of science and thoughts through the observation o everyday life, nature, and the universe. I started using rice stalks as a material for my artwork soon after I moved to the US from Japan as a way of connecting with my cultural origin. I kept using it sometimes, but I expanded the variety of my materials. I’m attracted to the type of materials that each give its own unique visually tactile quality. I gather and compare knowledge and inspiration from subjects rooted in spirituality or science such as quantum mechanics, biology and Mahayana Buddhism, and then I search for the common denominators that exist between them. I believe the areas where those disparate subjects overlap offer glimpses of universal truths that explain our way of being, and I aspire to distill these glimpses into my sculptural forms.

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Mami Kato

Mami Kato

Mami Kato, born in northern Japan, majored in oil painting and sculpture in colleges in Tokyo and Philadelphia College of Arts (currently University of Arts). After graduating from there, she resides in Tokyo and continues producing work and showing at various galleries in Tokyo. After living several years in Tokyo, she then moved back to Philadelphia, PA, USA. Now living and working there since 1992. Her works have been shown in galleries, art fairs, institutions, and museums worldwide, and she has works in private & corporate and museum collections including the Philadelphia Museum of Art.    Mami Kato’s patience and sustained focus result in sculptures that are mysterious, breathtakingly beautiful, and quiet. Building concentrated forms that seem to almost have their own gravitational field. With powerful internal rhythms, rippling edge to edge or coursing upwards from the floor through a complex knot and eventually meeting the wall. The materials she…
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