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archival pen, marker, textiles sewn to paper


18" x 23"


I am interested in color association by ideology. My interests began as a 3rd grader trying to understand the electoral college. I colored states according to voting data reported on the night of the 2004 election. I am inspired by patterns found in political data and political landscapes which shape our communities. I explore my interests through traditions commonly associated through female craft. I am from Pennsylvania Dutch descent. My lineage is rich through a mother’s practice of sewing. I connect my queer identity with my materials as I continue my family tradition of quilting. By relating quilting patterns and voting data, I recreate visual representations of ideologies and Americana intimacy.

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Bryan McGinnis

Bryan McGinnis is from Levittown PA and has earned a Bachelor of Arts from Lycoming College, Williamsport, PA 2017, and a Masters in studio art at American University, Washington, DC 2019. McGinnis has had two solo shows,  Red & Blue in Craft, Waddell Art  Gallery, Sterling VA 2020 and, State of the Art , Converge Gallery Williamsport PA 2017. He has shown in Queensland Australia in 2019.  Currently McGinnis resides in Alexandria VA.
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