Timescape (no. 2)

No Longer Available


Ceramic: stoneware paper clay, under glaze, pastel, acrylic


22" x 16" x 6"




I create my work through a lens of empowerment to address contemporary gender issues. I use clay (a medium historically excluded from the fine art world) to investigate senescence, a notion rejected by many and specifically linked to failure as it relates to women. Through un-idealized faces and figures, I explore themes pertaining to memory and aging; referencing my own body to claim agency as the subject and owner of my work. I hand build my pieces and sometimes incorporate bits of nature and metal to illuminate a specific narrative. Colorants including under glazes, stains and graphite are applied to a figure’s surface to further magnify a countenance of grace and wisdom. I present my figures as standalone objects on plinths, hung on walls or placed within a larger installation to foster an engaging sensory experience. I’m creating spaces where the viewer is drawn in for a closer look; to contemplate and to question not only the work, but themselves within it.

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Constance McBride

Constance McBride

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