The Last Step

No Longer Available


Carved resin body with collaged moss installed into a gas heater




I moved back to this area over 20 years ago where my father's family settled in 1848. I am now able to cherish again, the rural life experience. I fondly remember working at the Boys and Girls Club in Chautauqua as a Waterfront Counselor and lifeguard during my college summers. We swam the lake every morning or every evening after club. It was a rejuvenating experience. And since my return, I have noticed the invasion of zebra mussels, alga blooms, and invasive algae in the lake. We must protect these magical lakes with our group efforts. Eventually, we have to make changes in our lifestyles before they are lost to us completely. The purity of our lakes should be more than just a memory. It should be an act of resilience.

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Nancy Nixon Ensign

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