Party beads, acrylic; woven


40" x 40" x 3"


My work is an investigation of textiles as a form of process art. Applying universal elements of textile methods, I make recursive objects based on an accumulating gesture or connection. Similar to the act of weaving, pattern and structure are dictated by the rules of the process. Results bear resemblance to the source material; textile motifs emerge from the guiding principles of the grid. I play with the tension between real and implied depth as a means of articulating the subtle interior architecture of the woven plane. I converse in the visual languages of minimalism, geometric abstraction, textile tradition and kitsch handicraft as a means of interrogating the hierarchy of art and craft.
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Kelly Dzioba

Kelly Dzioba is textile artist currently living and working in Middletown, CT. Her work has been exhibited in the US and internationally at High Tide Project Space in Philadelphia, PA, the Textile Center in Minneapolis, MN, the New Bedford Art Museum in New Bedford, MA and the Chung Young Yang Embroidery Museum in Seoul, South Korea. A graduate of the University of the Arts, Kelly is the recipient of the William Daley Fellowship and the Peters Valley School of Craft Artist Fellowship.
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