No Longer Available


Wood, spray paint, dog hair, human hair, metal


14" x 6" x 3"




Death, history, ancestry, material, and decolonization strongly influence my work. I connect these paths in order to explore mestizo identity. Learning and talking with Lipan Apache elder Dr. Eloisa Tamez inspired me to research more about Texas history and the absent truths. There are people who still carry knowledge passed down through oral histories, and should not be overlooked. This led me to weave family narratives into my cosmology. I have been searching for the origin of secret spiritual practices passed down in my family from my maternal grandmother. I encountered a path full of patches when exploring my family's past. My relationship with exploring death is not solely focused on the external imagery typically associated with decay. Death is transformative and is another manifestation of longing, reconnecting, and healing. Death is just another form of the tree root I often refer to when verbally communicating with others about my work. An alternative way to approach the tree root is through rhizomatic thinking. Similar to my methods of creating, my research paths are endless.

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