Remember the Path

No Longer Available


Acrylic, magic, handmade collard greens, crow, grass, cowrie shells, and found feather on self-constructed canvas scroll


3 x 5'




Tuning into our spiritual practice, we channel the energies of rebirth and remembrance. “Remember the Path” is a magical scene, featuring a wise, all-knowing collard green tree, channelled through our heritage. The fantastical display honors healing with the energies of the chakras and a crow soaring over illuminative grass, symbolizing our transformation and the journey towards healing and cohesion with spirit. Our water flows with cowrie shells along the currentsea. This piece chronicles the elements that guide our being, with roots deep in collard greens and resilience. Commemorating the daunting ascension of Mount Fuji, we pay homage to the sacred ritual we experienced four years ago to spread our late mother’s ashes at its peak. This piece chronicles the milestones and transformations that we achieved through great perseverance.

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Eleisha Faith & Tonisha Hope McCorkle

Eleisha Faith & Tonisha Hope McCorkle

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