Plate and Pendulum

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Ceramic, yarn


Plate Collaboration with Raheleh Filsoofi. While waiting to receive a ceramic plate in the mail from Raheleh, I spent time thinking about the function of the plate as a typical domestic object. I thought of my grandmother, who recently passed away after spending almost all of life inside the house. I thought about her dishwater, which she didn’t change until she was done washing dishes, becoming grimy with her resentment. The plate reminded me of her in its ultimate household destination. when it arrived I decided to wash it myself, reenacting a daily process she repeated, however after the soap I “washed” with clay I made from my backyard. The clay built up on the plate as resentment of her prison, yet as the plate dried and developed it would begin to crack and fall off. I then took the plate outside the house and let it shatter on the pavement. The pieces became crocheted into longer a plate and perhaps able to travel with someone under different circumstances.

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