Pink Bird’s Nest Coral

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Hand-torched Borosilicate Glass


8" x 11" x 11"


Chesapeake, Virginia glass sculptor Emily Williams explores the structure, pattern, and movement found in marine life. While developing her ideas for different marine creatures she uses materials such as macro photography and historical scientific illustrations. The study of specific marine habitat and animal behavior of coral reefs has enlightened her work in ways unforeseen, as most of the marine life that inspires these glass sculptures is threatened.  She has found learning about the plight of coral reefs globally a sobering reality since 70-90% of coral reefs are projected to disappear in the next 20 years.     Hand torched glass allows Emily to create free-form sculptures that are highly sculptural and detailed. This glass process is very spontaneous and captures the essence of drawing in her work. Without the mini hand torch, she could not create these complex forms. She uses a variety of small glass hand torch tips that enable her to shape and fuse the curling branches and coral tentacles. The clear and colored borosilicate glass enables her to work long hours before kiln annealing a piece.      The glass sculpture of Emily intersects art and science.  She is fascinated by the history and tradition of scientific glass. The drawings and glass models of the Blaschka’s have influenced her glass sculpture as well as 19th century marine expedition illustrations. Inspired by history, Emily creates glass sculptures that appear to take on playful characteristics of both plants and animals. This other, hidden world is one she reveals through her glass sculpture. 

About this Artist

Emily Williams

Emily Williams

A native of Richmond, Virginia, Emily received her BFA in Sculpture from VCU in Richmond, Virginia.  She received her MFA in Sculpture from Washington University in Saint Louis, Missouri. Emily has shown her sculpture throughout the United States in art museums and galleries.   In her Glass Reef project, Emily has explored different marine life unique to coral reefs. By using small hand torches, she can explore the movement, structure, and pattern found in coral reef life. Many coral reefs are threatened and under attack. Through this Glass Reef project she draws attention to this hidden, fragile world. In addition, she has been developing special glass working techniques for this project. Using these unique glass methods, she can create detailed brain corals and seaweeds patterns.  Emily has shown her work nationally in solo and invitational exhibitions. Recently her work was included in the Habatat Gallery Aquatica-Glass Beneath the Waves in Sarasota, Florida and the Glass 50 Exhibition-Celebrating the Year of Glass in Royal Oak,…
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