Pillow Talk (Mask for MASC) IV

No Longer Available


Korean silk, synthetic cotton stuffing, oil paint


16 ½” x 9” x 3”


Pillow Talk (Mask for Masc) is a series that originated from my recent trips back to Seoul, and discovering what sexuality means in a still conservative and patriarchal society. In contemporary Korean popular culture, masculinity is extremely androgynous and there is a lot of play with gender that occurs - particularly amongst Korean pop stars. Make-up is unisex, and Korean males develop very intimate relationships with one another, particularly through a shared military service. Despite all this fluidity, Korean society tightens up the moment sexuality is talked about: Gays simply do not exist in Korea. Each of the "pillows" I make borrow their design from Korean facial masks, which are popular amongst both men and women in the cosmetic community. And each pillow created stems from an encounter I had with a Korean man while I visited Seoul - the distinctions in each piece specific to each person, and discerning to my eyes only. The sculptures are a result of having nights of conversation with these men -about their self-perceived heterosexuality and Korean social views towards sexuality.

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