Phone Call with Granma






Click HERE to view full video. "Yon Konvesasyon avek Granma,” loosely translated as “Phone Call with Grandma,” explores the linguistically complicated, sometimes awkward, and ultimately loving relationship between my grandmother and I through one of our typical phone conversations. My Grandmother Iris, my mom’s mom, was born in Haiti and moved to the Bronx at 49 in February 25th, of 1976. She speaks Haitian Creole and some English with an understanding of French.  As a second-generation Haitian American, I speak English and some French with an ability to understand Creole, though I have difficulty speaking it. This navigation of this language barrier has always been rocky. Because of this difficulty, much of our relationship remains unsaid. Instead it is practiced and performed as language becomes insufficient to express how we feel.  This video was greatly influenced by scenes in Kalup Linzy’s “Conversations Wit De Churen II All My Churen” where Taiwan has heartfelt and honest conversations with his grandma, something I so desire to experience.
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Princeton Cangé

Princeton Cangé

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