Our Ancestors Watch Over Us

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Mixed media installation


5" x 9"


I research my African, European, and American identity by exploring history and anthropology—my catalyzation and to inspire personal and societal transformation. I utilize personal and cultural symbols that combine domestic icons with contemporary societal issues. I believe we all share a collective unconscious, and my work reflects my struggle to uncover the whole meaning of being Human. 

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Colleen Coleman

Colleen Coleman

Colleen Coleman is a multidisciplinary artist and educator based in Brooklyn, New York. She completed a Master of Fine Arts at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in Sculpture with a focus on performance and printmaking. Coleman’s practice has developed over the years to include drawing, installation, performance, and social practice. Her work challenges social norms, structures, gender, and race, while in dialog with art history. The artist catalyzes healing and makes the spiritual visible amid the material.  Born in Darlington, S.C., she grew up with her mother, Dorothy Silva Coleman, a Social Activist and community leader in Ansonia, Connecticut. Coleman’s maternal grandfather immigrated to Connecticut in 1917 from the Cape Verdean Islands, Africa. During the Great Migration, her maternal grandmother arrived in the state alone at 14, from Newport News, Virginia, via North Carolina. Coleman majored in Art History and Painting at Central Connecticut State University. Surrealism…
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