Other Worlds (1/3)

No Longer Available


2 plate Intaglio with alle poupeé print; pressed with mica minerals and Monarch Butterfly wings


18” x 24” plate size on 22”x28” white Somerset


Our world is a collective of occurrences seemingly accidental to each other, although comparatively reveal significances associated in juxtaposition. Two places we have never been: represent this phenomenon where two species experience a ‘reverse commute’ between two locations only evidenced and known by experts. The K/Pg boundary of the Tanis fossil site in Hells Canyon near Bowman, North Dakota and a newly discovered second monarch butterfly reserve in Angangueo, Mexico remain unaccessible to the general public. Other Worlds VI, is not only about distance traveled but a reaction to the patterned symmetries, manipulation of form through natural environmental processes transferred over time from North America to Mexico and back again.

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Ann-Marie Cunningham

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