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Unravelled yarn, memory mattress foam, sequins, thread, chicken wire


55 x 8 x 11"




My work visualizes “situationships'' between natural environments, digital spaces, and the invasion of human-generated trash. I seek to reveal systems of power beyond the average person's reach while simultaneously recognizing human and nature's resilience during extreme circumstances. Drawing from the history of expanded painting, sculpture, and installation, I create alternative entities and environments composed of both individually handmade objects and found objects which I transform physically and with color. This transformation process suspends disbelief in these fantastic dystopian installations where biomorphic plant life objects are composed of human generated trash. The ability to heal, adapt, and evolve is essential to thriving within any new environment. These characteristics, which are so easily observed in nature, have been the visual guide to not only the methodology behind my practice but also in how I have learned to make sense of unimaginable emotional pain. By reenacting this suffering onto these objects then subsequently “healing”them with the addition of new materials, the objects themselves are transformed and reimagined to thrive in their new circumstances. Each new project incorporates objects from previous endeavors allowing me to reinvent and reinterpret their existence within each new iteration.

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Catherine Spencer

Catherine Spencer

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