Old Sport

No Longer Available


Latex Washes, Enamel, Birch, Lacquer


47 x 24 x 1"

About this Artist

Scott Troxel

Scott Troxel

I am a Philadelphia-area-based abstract artist. From an early age, I have been obsessed with modern art, color and design. I earned a degree from Temple University in Filmmaking. After working in the furniture industry, then later as a graphic artist and a product development manager, I decided to pursue my art fulltime in my early 40s. I have been a full-time artist for the last five years. A majority of my work has been in the form of wood mixed media wall sculpture, as I feel I can best express myself with this three dimensional medium. My work has been collected internationally and is in the collections of most major hotels chains and several Fortune 500 companies. I predominately work with wood as my base medium, due to its strength, dimension and organic nature. The inherent texture of wood combined with paint and other man made materials allow me…
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