Never Ending Story

No Longer Available




red clay, underglaze


13" x 13" 12.5"


My work is characterized by consistency, perfection, thoroughness, and handmade work, which emphasizes free will, randomness, and casualness. I have been thinking about the relationship between the ideas, notions, and concepts of tradition and contemporary art. This is the most significant reason for my personal need to continue creating and exploring, while constantly questioning and pursuing the idea of how I could create a new horizon of ceramics as expressions within my work.  In all my pieces, diverse characters appear together and communicate with each other, speaking to viewers with their expressions and faces. Formally, the work addresses implied images and stories. The shape of the faces could be self-portraits of myself. 

About this Artist

Yeonsoo Kim

Kim was born in Haenam, South Korea. He earned his MFA in Ceramics at Lamar Dodd School of Art at the University of Georgia, in Athens, GA, and his BFA in Ceramics and Glass from the Hongik University, located in Seoul, South Korea. He has held apprenticeships with Onggi masters in Jeolla-do (Hayngjong-Oh) and Gyeongsang-do (Jinkyu Huh) in Korea.  Kim has won multiple awards and exhibited nationally and internationally. Most recently, he was named one of the top six Emerging Artists of 2020 from the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts (NCECA) and had a solo echibition at the Radius Gallery in Missoula, MT. He has participated in several artist residency programs, including the Korea Ceramic Foundation at Montana State University, the Morean Center for Clay at Houston Center for Houston Contemporary Craft, and the Archie Bray Foundation. 
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