Moving Blue

No Longer Available


26" x 48"


acrylic on industrial wool



About this Artist

Hope Alcorn

I have been experimenting with color and movement for the past 20 years. Using acrylic paint on canvas and industrial wool, I blend dynamic imagery with the colors of the paints and the textures of the materials to create rich vibrant designs. My most recent work uses liquid acrylics and a negative transfer process with self-cut stencils to layer multiple colors on industrial wool (felt) painting surfaces. “Joyful Noise” is the key mantra throughout all of my works. Focusing down to the root of all art, I use color and movement in abstract formations to shape, inspire, and excite the mind. My works have no meaning except for expressing the animation of being. White Noise lulls us in to calmness and rest; Joyful Noise is the sound of stimulation and awakening. Although self-taught, I am active in two local art guilds, the Fiberarts Guild (as a past Board member), and…
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