Movement in Blues




Encaustic Monotype on Hanshi Paper


6" x 12" x 2" diptych




I continue to explore the endless possibilities of encaustic (melted, pigmented beeswax). My newest adventure involves using a “Hot Box” to print encaustic monotypes on wafer-thin Japanese papers saturated with wax. Prints are then mounted on cradled wood panels. This diptych imagines a scene of playing on Chautauqua Lake in the winter. Skating? Cross country skiing? You choose!  My latest exploration with encaustics (melted, pigmented beeswax) involves printing monotypes on wafer-thin Japanese paper. The process of painting with wax on a heated surface feels like dancing as the wax glides and slides as it melts. Thus, this diptych of "Movement in Blues." The paper is printed over and over creating layers of translucence until it's saturated with wax. Completed prints can be mounted on cradled wood panels. 
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About this Artist

Janet Hyland

Place defines my landscape, surroundings, and psyche.  The quality of light morphs as the clock ticks, the clouds pass by, and seasons change.  Focused, patient observations.  Inspired by nature, scenes imprinted in my mind’s eye are edited and abstracted into thin layers of pigmented wax to create a place the viewer imagines having visited. Two heartstrings tugged when first discovering encaustics:  Translucence and mystery.  As a pastel painter, I reveled in light layers of complementary colors optically shimmering into one.  Vibrant and immediate.  Encaustic painting proved even more compelling.  Luminosity.  Depth.  Carving in and scraping back to reveal what’s hidden beneath, unseen.  Embedding objects, fibers, and ephemera.  Creating texture.  Mark making at all layers.  Illuminating the magical.  I continue to explore the endless possibilities of this ancient medium that, quite literally, warms my heart.
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