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6.6" x 6" x 10”


$350 similar piece available by commission


Humans are pushing hippos out of their habitats. Most of the animals I sculpt are endangered. I majored in biology never realizing how much of that knowledge carries forward. Starting with a block of clay and an idea of size and proportion I shape the animal, usually with a photo as a guide. No molds are used. The animals are then air dried, bisque fired, glazed and then fired. With the vast number of variables no animals are ever the same. Organic firing is perfect for them. For raku, bisqued and glazed pieces are heated in a kiln to 1775°F. Wearing fireproof gear, after glaze becomes molten, I place them in a metal container with dry leaves for reduction. A lid covers the flame and lack of oxygen creates colors and patterns making each piece unique. As I dig through the ashes, I smile and wash away the ravages of fire.

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Marcia Merrins

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