No Longer Available


Acrylic, graphite, and collage on canvas


24" x 48"




"Monkey" was a stuffed animal I had as a little girl who traveled everywhere with me. He was my alter ego, my best friend, and my confidant. My mother illustrated a story about Monkey who was lost in the mail for 4 days after I left him at a friend's house over summer vacation. In 2020, many of us forgot how to "play in the moment", the fear of the pandemic arose in our hearts and some of us chose to hide in our fearful thinking. It is now, that the heaviness of the pandemic seems to be a nightmare we navigated for more than a fortnight. And it is now that we can feel the joy of emotion as we permit ourselves to think about "playing" in our world today. My childhood Chautauqua friend, Mary Laughlin Jensen still has her "mouse" and he allows her to do the same.

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Nancy Nixon Ensign

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