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Mixed media on cardboard and wood


approx 5"x 5"


This series of micropaintings are abstract paintings made with acrylic paint, found objects, thread, and discarded cardboard. Each contains symbolism and metaphor related to histories of Black liberation, specifically honoring the journeys of enslaved ancestors and how they practiced getting free. Some micropaintings are landscapes, others are maps, or dreamscapes. Each is its own counter-cartography; challenging the absolutism of systemic oppression, and imagining another way. 

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Jessica Valoris

Jessica Valoris

Jessica Valoris is an interdisciplinary artist and community facilitator based in Washington, DC. She weaves together mixed media painting, installation, ritual performance and social practice, to create sacred spaces. Her art activates ancestral wisdom, personal reflection, and community study.  Inspired by the earth-based traditions of her Black American and Jewish ancestry, Jessica engages metaphysics, spirituality, and Afrofuturism in her work. Her art is both balm and blueprint: mapping out pathways for the Black liberatory imagination and reviving recipes for collective care. Jessica collaborates with organizers and cultural workers to facilitate community rituals of remembrance and conversations about reparations, abolition, earth-stewardship, and more.   Jessica Valoris is currently a Culture and Narrative Fellow with The Opportunity Agenda and a recipient of the Washington Award from S&R Evermay. She has completed fellowships with VisArts Studio Fellowship, Public Interest Design Lab, Intercultural Leadership Institute, and Halcyon Arts Lab. Iterations of her recent body of work,…
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