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Etching, Drypoint and Intaglio Print on Asian Paper


17.5" x 23"


$400 framed / $300 unframed


Comprehending the entity systemically challenging our existing health structures is SARS-Covid-2, which visualizes as a small invasive organism. Coronavirus, ‘Corona’ meaning crown, correlates to an 'enveloped' virus, which means they are able to stick to surfaces as described to what is viewed under a microscope. Macrophage, a large phagocytic cell found in tissues and as mobile white blood cells are the bodies defense against bacteria and viruses. This intaglio print captures the image emblematic of a macrophage defending us from what mankind braced to encounter. Yet, as vulnerable as these cells may seem, macrophages express evolutionarily ancient receptors. Encouragement in future studies is ongoing toward the potential capabilities in adhesion prevention. While health science continues to investigate, sort and embolden on a molecular level; the human body is complexly filled with resilience.

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Ann-Marie Cunningham

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