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Oil and Water Mixable Flower Pigment Paint handcrafted from deadheaded Chautauqua flower petals on Arches 300g/m 100% Cotton Oil Paper


16" x 20" Framed




The visual and verbal patterns of daily life play a significant role in my abstract work. My series, Things We Say, explores the concept that a sense of awe can arise when familiar sayings and actions are transformed into abstracted visuals. My medium supports this same concept. I paint with pigments I extract from deadheaded flower petals. Deadheading encourages regrowth and I am continually awestruck that a familiar flower can be transformed into paint. I approach making art as a means of sharing this awe. The closure of the 2020 season created an unexpected opportunity to share and connect more deeply to the physical space of Chautauqua. By taking videos of my explorations of the rain gardens and my paint-making process, I was able to share this aspect of Chautauqua with those not able to travel to the grounds. These gardens are vital for the resilience of our lake and of our own resilience. A connection with and appreciation of nature is key to our physical and mental wellbeing.

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