let loss reveal it

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Ceramic, gold leaf


Bowl Collaboration with Raheleh Filsoofi and Azucena Trejo Williams. In my collaboration with Raheleh and Susie, we agreed that we wouldn’t discuss what the other had planned to do with the bowl Raheleh was sending us. We agreed that Susie would receive the plate first and send it to me after affecting it; I would then react to what was sent to me, its history unknown beyond what I could see after opening the box. Upon opening the package, I found a bowl, broken but otherwise untouched, and a small jar of water. Happy to find a shattered piece, I knew I wanted to highlight the textures revealed in its breakage. I immediately thought of kintsugi, the Japanese art of repairing ceramics with lacquer and gold. Rather than try to repair the breakage, I used gold leaf to meticulously highlight the broken edges of the individual pieces, focusing on and elevating the cracks and breaks of the piece. I feel this elevation can resonate with the individual as we are constantly growing, breaking, and remaking ourselves from the pieces. After finally seeing the video Susie created before me, I felt it necessary to ship the pieces back to her to see how they would react to the environment she originally placed them in.

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Michael Alexander Fernandez

Michael Alexander Fernandez

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