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Polymer clay, textiles




Lipscomb’s work focuses on the transitory nature of feminine considered body parts in a fictional society created in response to today’s and yesterday’s society and its treatment of feminine people. The communal use of body parts from one creature to another highlights transformation that disguises or ambiguates the body. The shareable qualities these creatures possess allows for anonymity when it is necessary for safety when traveling in a public space that commodifies, villainesses, sexualizes and finds feminine bodies unworthy or incapable. Feminine body parts permanently affixed to oneself limit the freedom and control of the individual’s experience. Whether for pleasure such as exploring the seclusion and serenity of nature unaccompanied or simply the daily necessity of using public transit or a sidewalk to get from one destination to the next, the weight of the permanency of these fixtures on a feminine body calls for common unwanted attention at the very least, to sexual violence to disappearance and death at the worst. Lipscomb’s work exists to provide protection of feminine bodies and identities by allowing body parts to be detachable, transient and to be put away by giving way for freedom to traverse the world just as those who do not operate the world while carrying that heaviness that has been assigned onto feminine bodies.

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Anna Lipscomb

Anna Lipscomb

Anna Lipscomb is a multimedia sculptor originally from Oklahoma and now based in Chicago, Illinois. She received her BFA in Fine Arts specializing in Contemporary Sculpture from The University of Oklahoma in 2016 and her MFA from Columbia College Chicago. She has shown her work in several group and solo exhibitions nationwide. She has been the recipient of the Doc Tate Nevaquaya Award as well as being selected by Norman Arts Council & Norman Public Art Board for the Public Art Proposal of Lion’s Park.
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